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Testing Your Perl Installation

Testing Your Perl Installation So as to test our new establishment of Perl, well need a straightforward Perl program. The principal thing most new software engineers learn is the manner by which to make the content make proper acquaintance World. Lets take a gander at a basic Perl content that does only that. #!/usr/container/perl print Hello World. ; The principal line is there to tell the PC where the Perl mediator is found. Perl is a deciphered language, which implies that instead of gathering our projects, we utilize the Perl mediator to run them. This first line is normally #!/usr/receptacle/perl or #!/usr/nearby/canister/perl, yet relies upon how Perl was introduced on your framework. The subsequent line advises the Perl translator to print the words Hello World. followed by a newline (a carriage return). In the event that our Perl establishment is working effectively, at that point when we run the program, we should see the accompanying yield: Hi World. Testing your Perl establishment is diverse relying upon the kind of framework you are utilizing, yet well investigate the two most basic circumstances: Testing Perl on Windows (ActivePerl)Testing Perl on *nix Systems The main thing youll need to do is ensure youve followed the ActivePerl Installation tutorialâ and introduced ActivePerl and the Perl Package Manager on your machine. Next, make an envelope on your C: drive to store your contents in for the instructional exercise, well call this folderâ perlscripts. Duplicate the Hello World program into C:perlscripts and ensure the filename isâ Getting a Windows Command Prompt Presently we have to get to a Windows order brief. Do this by tapping on the Start menu and choosing the item Run.... This will spring up the run screen that contains the Open: line. From here, just typeâ cmdâ into the Open: field and press the Enter key. This will open (one more) window which is our Windows order brief. You should see something like this: Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600] (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp. C:Documents and SettingsperlguideDesktop We have to change to the index (cd) that contains our Perl contents by composing in the accompanying order: compact disc c:perlscripts That should cause our brief to mirror the adjustment in the way like so: C:perlscripts Presently that were in a similar index as the content, we can run it basically by composing its name at the order brief: On the off chance that Perl is introduced and running accurately, it should yield the expression Hello World., and afterward return you to the Windows order brief. A substitute technique for testing your Perl establishment is by running the mediator itself with theâ -vâ flag: perl - v On the off chance that the Perl mediator is working effectively, this should yield a lot of data, including the current adaptation of Perl you are running. Testing Your Installation On the off chance that you are utilizing a school or work Unix/Linux server, odds are Perl is as of now introduced and running if all else fails, simply ask your framework chairman or specialized staff. There are a couple of ways we can test our establishment, above all, you should finish two primer steps.​ In the first place, you should duplicate your Hello World program to your home index. This is generally practiced by means of FTP. When your content has been replicated to your server, you should get to aâ shell promptâ on the machine, as a rule through SSH. At the point when you have arrived at the order brief, you can change into yourâ homeâ directory by composing the accompanying order: album ~ Once there, testing your Perl establishment is fundamentally the same as testing on a windows framework with one additional progression. All together toâ executeâ the program, you should initially tell the working framework that the record is OK to execute. This is finished by setting the authorizations on the content with the goal that anybody can execute it. You can do this by utilizing theâ chmodâ command: chmod 755 Once youve set the authorizations, you would then be able to execute the content by just composing its name. On the off chance that that doesnt work, you probably won't have your home index in your present way. For whatever length of time that you are in a similar catalog as the content, you can advise the working framework to run the program (in the current registry) like so: ./ On the off chance that Perl is introduced and running effectively, it should yield the expression Hello World., and afterward return you to the Windows order brief. A substitute strategy for testing your Perl establishment is by running the translator itself with theâ -vâ flag: perl - v In the event that the Perl translator is working accurately, this should yield a considerable amount of data, including the current variant of Perl you are running.

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Government scholarship free essay sample

Transcripts from all secondary school and post-auxiliary organizations Copies of any degrees or declarations accomplished Proof of fulfillment of work experience pertinent to course (Post graduate applications just) Letter of Acceptance from school or college (temporary or unqualified) Note: Unconditional offer must be created before dispensing of assets Correspondence from the foundation with respect to effective exchange of credits (if req’d) Official documentation from school/college expressing explicit expenses per semester Degree Plan, plotting calendar of courses all through program Birth declaration and verification of reserving the Option to be Caymanian (legally approved duplicates will do the trick). On the off chance that pertinent, selection papers are likewise required. Evidence of Domicile in the Cayman Islands Letter from parents’ employer(s) confirming compensation Letter from surety’s manager, if more than 21 2 Character References: Academic Reference letter from parents’ bank Reference letter from surety’s bank, if more than 21 Personal Applicant’s introductory letter, to be routed to the Scholarship Secretariat, Ministry of Education, Employment Gender Affairs, third Fl. , Government Administration Building, 133 Elgin Avenue, P. O. Box 2256,Grand Cayman, KY1-9000, CAYMAN ISLANDS FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY o Copy of Offer Letter o Financial Statement for Surety 0 Contact Details Form 0 Student Bond o Authorisation of Release of Grades Section 1: APPLICANT DETAILS Degree Type: ASSOC BACH MAST PhD Solomon Kayla Sherelle Name: _________________________________________________________________ (last/family) (first) (center) 07/12/1994 Single Date of Birth: _______________________ Marital Status: _________________________ (dd/mm/yyyy) P. O. Box 511 Savannah Local Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________ KY1-1502 Local Postal Code: ________________ Email Address: ____________________________ [emailprotected] com Local Telephone: ___________________ Alternate Telephone: _____________________ 345-917-3889 345-947-1856 128 Rackley Blvd. Savannah Neighborhood Physical Address: ____________________________________________________ Overseas Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Overseas Telephone: __________________ Alternate Telephone: ___________________ Email Address (if unique in relation to above): _________________________________________ OFFICIAL USE ONLY Date of Application Submission: ____________________ Confirmation Receipt Sent: _______Date: _____________ Date of Interview: ________________________________ Panel Recommendation: ______________________________ Panel Comments: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Date of Council Review :_____________________________________________________________________ _________________________ Council Decision: _____________________________________________________________________________ ________________________ Council Comments:___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Decision Notification Letter Sent: ________Date: ___________________ Program accessible locally: ________ Is the establishment: certify? : ________ serious? : _______ superior to serious? : _______ Is the program authorize? : ________ Section 2: INSTITUTION AND Program OF STUDY University of Portsmouth Name of Institution: _______________________________________________________ Physical Address: _________________________________________________________ Winston Churchill Avenue, Portsmouth P01 2UP,United Kingdom www. port. air conditioning. uk + 44 (0) 20 8411 5555 Telephone Number: + 44 (0) 23 9284 8484 Website Address: _________________________ ________________ September 15, 2014 Proposed Start Date: _________________ Estimated Graduation Date: ________________ 2017 Proposed Major: _____________________Minor: ________________________________ Early Childhood Studies All out length of Program: __________________________________________________ 3 Years Number of Semesters Completed (assuming any): ________________________________________ none least of 60 credits at Level 3 Graduation Requirements: ___________________________________________________ Is the Institution Accredited: YES/NO The base accreditation rating is Regional Council for National Academic Awards Please name the Accrediting Body: ______________________________________________ US $29847. 43 Total Program Cost: ____________________ (*Please complete the University Cost Excel Spread sheet and join official college documentation to check the sums. ) Have you submitted application for private part grant financing: YES/NO (* If indeed, if you don't mind give subtleties of where applications have been submitted to and join the honor/decay letter from private area demonstrating their choice and reasons, if accessible. ) Maples and Calder __________________________________________________________________________ HSBC __________________________________________________________________________ Cayman Insurance Managers Association __________________________________________________________________________ Section 2: INSTITUTION AND Program OF STUDY Middlesex University Name of Institution: _______________________________________________________ Physical Address: _________________________________________________________ The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT, United Kingdom www. mdx. air conditioning. uk + 44 (0) 20 8411 5555 Phone Number: + 44 (0) 20 8411 5555 Website Address: _________________________ ________________ October 1, 2014 Proposed Start Date: _________________ Estimated Graduation Date: ________________ 2017 Proposed Major: _____________________Minor: ________________________________ Early Childhood Studies Total length of Program: __________________________________________________ 3 Years Number of Semesters Completed (assuming any): ________________________________________ none uncertain Graduation Requirements: ___________________________________________________ Is the Institution Accredited: YES/NO The base accreditation rating is Regional Quality Assurance Agency Please name the Accrediting Body: ______________________________________________ US $32848. 15 Total Program Cost: ____________________ (*Please complete the University Cost Excel Spread sheet and append official college documentation to confirm the sums. ) Have you submitted application for private division grant financing: YES/NO (* If indeed, if it's not too much trouble give subtleties of where applications have been submitted to and append the honor/decrease letter from private area showing their choice and reasons, if accessible. ) Maples and Calder __________________________________________________________________________ HSBC __________________________________________________________________________ Cayman Insurance Managers Association __________________________________________________________________________ Section 3: EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND SECONDARY SCHOOLS NAME OF SCHOOL MAILING ADDRESS Clifton Hunter High School Cayman Prep and High SCHOOL TELEPHONE DATES ATTENDED P. O. Box 10013 KY1-1001 345-947-7353 Sept. 2010 June 2011 345-949-5932 P. O. Box 2736 Savannah KY1-1508 Sept. 2011 June 2014 SECONDARY SCHOOLS EXAMINATION RESULTS EXAMINATION SUBJECT GRADE DATES CIE Business Studies AS Level B CIE Travel and Tourism AS Level C June 2013 June 2013 WJEC Spanish AS Level D January 2013 POST-SECONDARY SCHOOLS NAME OF SCHOOL MAILING ADDRESS SCHOOL TELEPHONE DATES ATTENDED SAT SCORES Year Taken: _______ Critical Reading: _______ Math: _______ SWE: ________ Total: _______ Year Taken: _______ Critical Reading: ______ Math: _______ SWE: ________ Total: _______ ACT SCORES SAT II Year Taken: _________ Year Taken: _________ Score: _________ Score: _________ International Baccalaureate (IB) Year Taken: ________ Date of Completion: _________ *Please note that unique/authenticated transcripts, official SAT scores, confirmations or endorsements checking the above data must be appended to this application. Extracurricular exercises/network administration/grants got: Key Club, Cayman Mentoring ___________________ Program ___________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ POST GRADUATE APPLICATIONS ONLY: Last Degree finished: ____________________ Final GPA: ________ Class (UK): ______ Section 4: PERSONAL STATEMENT REFERENCES PERSONAL STATEMENT In the space gave underneath, or on a connected sheet, kindly react to the accompanying: ? For what reason do you trust you are meriting an administration grant? ? Following consummation of your course of study, what sort of work do you plan to seek after upon come back to the Cayman Islands? ? By what method will this proposed work be of administration to the Cayman Islands? ? If you don't mind detail any close to home conditions that you accept to be important while considering your application for an Education Council grant. ? What, on the off chance that anything, has been done to make sure about other financing? I trust I trust I merit an administration grant on the grounds that my folks are monetarily temperamental to pay for me to ___________________________________

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The Difference Between Phonics and Phonetics

The Difference Between Phonics and Phonetics The Difference Between Phonics and Phonetics The Difference Between Phonics and Phonetics By Maeve Maddox Peruser Ali Abuzar ponders about the contrast among phonics and phonetics. In mainstream use the words are frequently utilized reciprocally, in spite of the fact that phonics [fÃ¥ nä ­ks] is the term typically utilized when talking about a strategy for starting understanding guidance. In this utilization, phonics is viewed as a disentangled type of phonetics [fé™-nä•tä ­ks], which is the logical investigation of discourse sounds. NOTE: Although phonics and phonetics end with s, they take solitary action words: Phonics is the best method to educate perusing. Here are definitions from the OED: phonics The part of semantics worried about spoken sounds; phonetics The connections among's sound and image in an alphabetic composing framework; the phonic technique for instructing perusing. phonetics The examination and grouping of discourse sounds, esp. concerning the physical parts of their creation; the part of phonetics that manages this. Utilizing phonics to encourage perusing includes showing the apprentice the sounds related with the letters of the letters in order before presenting composed words. The novice figures out how to investigate words by contrasting the letters in them with the sounds they speak to. NOTE: Early practice is restricted to words in which the letter/sound correspondence is normal. When the fledgling has set up the propensity for anticipating that letters should speak to spoken sounds, words containing at least one non-phonetic components are presented. Another term, phonology [fé™-nÃ¥ lé™-jä, fÃ¥ -], alludes to the investigation of discourse sounds. Phonology incorporates rules overseeing elocution in a given language. phonology n. Initially: the study of discourse sounds and elocution, esp. as they happen in a specific language. Presently: the part of phonetics worried about the investigation of phonological connections inside a language or between various dialects; the arrangement of contrastive and phonotactic* relations among the discourse hints of a specific language. OED *phonotactics The part of semantics worried about the principles overseeing the conceivable phoneme** arrangements in a language or dialects; these guidelines as they happen in a specific language. **phoneme A unit of sound in a language that can't be examined into littler direct units and that can recognize single word from another (for example /p/and/b/in English pat, bat). English Spelling Not Total Chaos Figure out how To Spell By Phonograms, not Letters Need to improve your English shortly a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities every day! Continue learning! Peruse the Vocabulary classification, check our famous posts, or pick a related post below:20 Types and Forms of HumorConfused Words #3: Lose, Loose, LossAffect versus Impact

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Admission Essay about Demographics of Japan

The demographic characteristics of the Japan’s population include ethnicity, population density, population health, education level, religious affiliations, economic status, and other aspects of the population (Lie 22). As of March 2009, the population of Japan was 127,076,184, making it the worlds tenth most highly populated country. Japans population density was 336Â  individuals per square kilometer (Hughes 45). Japan’s demography shows the country to be highly population and concerning the density of inhabitants Japan stands to be 30th country in the globe. There is very high life expectancy and low birth rate. Â  Japan’s demography also shows that during high growth of population occurred in19 th and 20 th centuries which has been lowered now due to very low birth rate and roughly no immigration. Demographically the most crowded regions and cities in Japan are Kyushu, Honshu, Yokohama, Kyoto, Osaka, Kawasaki, Kobe, and many more. Tokyo, the capital city of Japan is the largest municipal city in Japan with highest number of population. Japan has a high number of urban populations. Japan also has the highest population of elderly people across the globe. Japanese society is linguistically and ethnically very pure with 98% of the population speaking Japanese. The other 2% consists of immigrants and new Japanese population of mainly Chinese Koreans, and Loochoos, as well as the tiny native smaller group of the Ainu on Hokkaido. The Japan’s government, as an official strategy, does not recognize full citizenship of many immigrants who have lived in Japan for many generations and decades (kinyau 89) Works Cited Lie, John. Demographics of Japan. London: W.W. Havard university press, 2001. Hughes, Japan’s population. 7th ed. New York: Addison Wesley, 2006. Kinyau, James. Japan demographics. Kenya: U.G. Lomgman Publishers, 2008.

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Adolf Hitler And The Nazi War - 2460 Words

Kai Chu Adolf Hitler first rose to power in the early months of 1933. Following President Hindenburg’s death in 1934, Hitler declared him the Fuhrer and assumed leadership over the nation. During this time period, leading up to the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler and the Nazi Part were able to successfully remove the political and social obstacles through the implementation of the SS, SA and Gestapo. Additionally, through the effective use of propaganda in various forms, which indoctrinated the majority of the German population, Hitler was able to successfully gain control over the nation. Although Hitler was able to successfully control the nation in the years through totalitarian means, he and the Nazi party confronted many enemies that†¦show more content†¦The Enabling Act was passed in 1933 allowed Hitler to created laws without the need to consult with the Reichstag, granting him total dictatorial power over Germany. By effectively using the power bequeathed to him, this contributed to Hitler’s total dominance over the German public; this act also banned all other political parties, declaring Germany a one party state. By banning all political oppositions, this ensure there would be no future obstacles to the Nazi dictatorship. Additionally, the introduction of the Nuremburg Laws consisted of: â€Å"Section 1: Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or kindred blood are forbidden. Marriages concluded in defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose of evading this law, they were concluded abroad. These laws were an attempt to assist Hitler in achieving his goal which would creating the Aryan race that would rule for a thousand years. The Nuremburg Law also had the Jews excluded from the economy, restricted their freedom, created more widespread discrimination of the Jews and declared them as being non Aryans. Furthermore, Hitler had also passed a series of ant-Semitic laws restricting Jews from civil services, professions in journalism and participation in the armed forces. Through these laws, Hitler had almost completely silenced the Jewish race in Germany. Hitler had also eliminated the â€Å"impurities† in Germany society: the disabled, homosexuals and gypsies whom he thought would drain the

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Public Education Essay - 1454 Words

Public education in the United States is perhaps one of the most critical issues we face as a nation. Once pronouncing the United States as a â€Å"nation at risk†, the educational institution began to implement one reform strategy after another. In efforts to improve schooling for K-12 students, education reform has fiddled with class size, revised graduation requirements, and created standardized testing just to name a few. Unfortunately, traditional public schools are still failing to provide students with a quality education. This is disheartening as we learn that the United States lags behind in math and science compared to our international counterparts. It is safe to say that educational reform has spent billions of dollars over the†¦show more content†¦A benefit of placing charter schools in a school district is school choice. Parents appear to support the option of deciding where their children attend school. According to Andy Smarick, â€Å"In New York, 12 ,000 students are on charter wait lists; in Massachusetts 19, 000; in Pennsylvania 27,000† (2008). Additionally, an Annual Survey of America’s Charter Schools 2010 notes that an average of 239 children is on a waiting list to enter each charter school in America, which is a 21% surge since last year (Center for Education Reform, 2010). These studies indicate the importance of school choice to parents and their desire to enroll their children in charter schools. Another example that shows parental demand for charter schools comes from The Evaluation of Charter School Impacts a study published in June 2009 by the United States Department of Education. The study showed parents of charter school students were more satisfied with their children’s academic achievement and social development compared to parents of students in traditional school setting. The study went on to state that eighty-five percent of charterShow MoreRelatedPublic Schooling And Public Education1497 Words   |  6 Pagesexponentially, the gap in the quality of public schooling rises with it. For a country that prides itself in prestigious outlets of education, the system of public schooling seems to be miserably failing. Public education, a system that some fight to destroy while others fight to preserve, is perhaps the only source of academic opportunity for many individuals living in this country. The fact that someone can live in a certain area and receive a higher quality of public education than someone else living in aRead MoreThe Education Of The Public Education763 Words   |  4 PagesAbstract Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) curriculum in schools is undergoing a revolution in public education. This revolution is sparked by an increase in federal funding over the last decade. Between the years of 2011 and 2015, the federal government alone invested between three and 3.7 billion dollars yearly for STEM education (Johnson, 2012) (White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, 2014) and new STEM educational instructional strategies (Bruce-Dacis, GubbinsRead MorePublic Education System For Education1688 Words   |  7 PagesIt is every child’s right to have access to a public education system that will provide quality education for success in life. Yet far today far too many children, especially those from poor and minority families, are limited to at risk by school systems with a lower quality of education while students in a low poverty community receive a higher quality of education. It is frustrating that even when socio-economic sta tuses are rapidly merging and changing that an educational achievement gap stillRead MoreThe Education System And Public Education945 Words   |  4 Pagespeople must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expenses of it. There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not founded by a charitable individual, but maintained at the public expense of the people themselves’† (Strauss). Our founding fathers wanted our nation to be an educated nation. There were many who believed that only a chosen should be educated, but there were those who saw education to be more pervasive. During theRead MorePublic Education in Texas804 Words   |  4 PagesPublic Education In Texas High quality education is a must in U.S. since it means that todays youth will be prepared with the knowledge needed to tackle our nations issues. When looking from state to state, you will notice how various states differ in how well they are able to educate students. Maryland was ranked number one in the nation by having a high grade point average amongst students and an equally high graduation rate. Texas on the other hand had the worst grade point average and graduationRead More Public Education Essay2873 Words   |  12 PagesPublic Education Governor Jeb Bush initiated the nations boldest voucher experiment in June of 1999 when he signed into law his Opportunity Scholarship Program. Florida is the first in the nation with a statewide plan allowing state-paid tuition for children in F graded schools to attend private schools or other non-failing schools. Opponents claim that giving parents the choice to use state education funds at private schools could end up bankrupting the public education system soRead MoreThe Fallacy Of Public Education1580 Words   |  7 PagesFallacy of Public Education â€Å"Do not train a child to learn by force or harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.† -Plato For the last several decades, there has been a great return to homeschooling. Many families have seen the need to remove their children from the public education system for a variety of reasons: for religious grounds, because of a decline of morals in the public systemRead MorePrivate Education Vs. Public Education864 Words   |  4 PagesIt is often said that private education is superior to public education. I attended a private Christian school from grades Kindergarten through eighth. My father believed a private education would be the best option for me. Our class sizes were very small. Each grade level had around forty students, but we were split equally into two individual classes. The majority of the eighth grade class consisted of the same students that we started Kindergarten with. We had grown up together and helped oneRead MoreGraduation Speech : Education And Public Education972 Words   |  4 Pagesin America, the chances of one having received some form of general edu cation are high. Schools come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate the needs and preferences of parents and students; they can range between the extremes of religious to liberal arts and private to public education. In E.B. White’s â€Å"Education†, he describes his son’s shift from a city private school to a country public school. In contrast, the public education I received before entering college was very different from the experiencesRead MoreThe Public Education System Essays1072 Words   |  5 PagesThe Public Education System As we know that the examination system has come to be the main theme of modern education. Every one from his early child-hood should take endless examinations and succeed in passing them, before he could graduate from a college or university. As much importance has been

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Macroeconomics Youth Unemployment in the UK

Question: Discuss about theMacroeconomicsfor Youth Unemployment in the UK. Answer: Introduction The present report examines the impact of increasing youth unemployment on economic growth of the UK as per the data provided in the case study. Relative importance of private consumption and net exports on UK's economic recovery in 2011 As depicted from the data, the real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growth rate of the UK shows a sudden decrease from the period of 2007-2010 but shows some recovery signs in the year 2011. The main reason attributed to the decline in GDP growth rate of the UK is the rapid increase in the unemployment rate leading to less tax-revenue and increased benefit payments. The rapid economic recovery of the UK in 2011 is on account of increasing exports to countries outside European Union as its exports to European Union countries declined to over 45% since the period of 2007-2011 (Monaghan, 2014). The growth in export of goods particularly those of finished manufacturers are responsible for increase in net trade growth rate of the UK. The export of goods and services accounted for about 19% GDP in the year 2011. The growth in exports has contributed largely in reducing the increasing unemployment rate by creating job opportunities. In addition to this, the largest contribution to the economic recovery of the UK in year 2011 is due to decline in private consumption. The weak private consumption helped in maintaining a stable GDP growth rate. The lower government consumption also contributed significantly in recovery of GDP growth rate in the UK (Faruqee, 2013). Impact of Youth Unemployment on Present and Future Economic Growth The high rate of unemployment among the younger generation of a country leads to its reduced productivity and gross domestic products (GDP) as depicted from the data provided. The GDP growth rate of both the countries, that are, the UK and South Korea is largely impacted by the rising unemployment rate. It is due to less revenue realised from taxes and large investment of the government is promoting social benefits leading to reduced GDP (Gunderson and Fazio, 2014). The increase in youth unemployment has a negative effect on the present as well as future employability of the young people. Wage scaring is considered as one of the reasons for long-lasting effect on youth unemployment on economic growth. Wage scaring is defined as the long-term negative effects of unemployment on future labour market. It means that individuals with high level of unemployment are more likely to suffer from negative labour market conditions in comparison to employed individuals (Boura, 2015). The unemployed individuals are likely to receive lower pay and reduced job opportunities in the long-term causing lower income generation for the country. Besides this, high level of youth unemployment in present causes greater mental health problems in the younger generation reducing their chances of their future personal growth and success. Employers often consider long-period of unemployment on CV (Curriculum Vitae) of a person to be negative and thus does not hire that person to a higher level job. Also, high period of unemployment suffered by a person also lead to degradation of skills and confidence of an individual declining the future growth possibilities. The decline in the cognitive skills such as learning and reasoning skills negatively affects the workforce productivity therefore reducing the chances of their future growth and promotion (Gunderson and Fazio, 2014). It has been demonstrated by a report of British Household Panel data that the unemployment in young adults b etween the age group of 18-24 had a direct impact on their future pay and mental well-being. Thus, the decline in financial and mental well-being of young generation in present due to high unemployment level will cause the aged population group of the country to become less skilled and competent. Thus, as such wage scarring have a profound impact in the present as well as future growth aspects of the economy (The jobless young Left behind, 2011). Vocational Education as a Key to Reduce Unemployment in the UK Vocational education is imparting skills and competencies to the younger generation people relating to a specific trade or occupation. It is also known as career or technical education through which individuals are prepared to perform their job role properly. It mainly aims to provide necessary skills in learners for preparing them to particular job role in which an individual seek to make the career. The increasing unemployment rate in the UK is mainly due to unskilled labour force that proves to be a main obstacle for them to earn employment. The business organisations are often finding it difficult to find the people with right skills for the particular job roles (Rauner and Maclean, 2008). As such, the young individuals need to prepare themselves in a way so that they can perform well in the business context through undertaking proper training. Vocational schools, in this regard, are providing highly beneficial for the young people as they provide them the necessary training for their all-round development. Vocational schools provide training sessions aiming at developing interpersonal skills of an individual for increasing the probability of achieving success in the professional field (Speckesser, 2015). Vocational schools also provide technical education to the learners so that they are able to develop knowledge regarding the various new technologies used by the business organisations in their operational processes. This increases the chances of their hiring in technology companies that encompasses the use of high technologies in developing their products and services. The UK government is presently emphasising on developing vocational schools for improving young generation skills and making them more competent to become employed (Rauner and Maclean, 2008). This is due to the existence of a direct link between the vocational training and low youth unemployment. The government is working in collaboration with the schools and colleges of the country as well to prepare students in such a way that there are able to effectively meet the industry standards. Thus, government is implementing plans and policies to impart vocational training to the younger generation right from the academic c urriculum. In addition to this, the UK government is also aiming to develop vocational schools that are specially meant for providing training to the learners seeking for employment. The government is planning to provide apprenticeship opportunities to each youth of the country for developing necessary skills in them that can provide them employment in future context (Speckesser, 2015). Conclusion It can be summarised from the overall discussion that rising unemployment level in the UK is having a negative impact on its economic growth and development. References Boura, S. 2015. The Social Impact of the Crisis on Youth Unemployment: Comparative Study Spain and Greece. Anchor Academic Publishing (aap_verlag). Faruqee, H. 2013. Global Rebalancing: A Roadmap for Economic Recovery. International Monetary Fund. Gunderson, M. and Fazio, F. 2014. Tackling Youth Unemployment. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Monaghan, A. 2014. Seven things you need to know about the UK economy. Retrieved October 11, 2016, from Rauner, F. and Maclean, R. 2008. Handbook of Technical and Vocational Education and Training Research. Springer Science Business Media. Speckesser, S. 2015. Work experience key to improving skills and reducing youth unemployment. [Retrieved October 11, 2016, from The jobless young Left behind. 2011. Retrieved October 11, 2016, from